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At MATO Plastics, Inc., QUALITY is a never-ending quest encompassing everything we do. We pursue excellence in providing our customers unsurpassed CUSTOMER SERVICE with quick and reliable delivery time. The Vision of MATO is achieved only through the efforts of our DEDICATED EMPLOYEES working as a team in striving for highest reliability, quality products and service. Our commitment to excellence in everything we do will be the key to the company's continuing success and to be recognized as a company of dedication, integrity and service.


In 1978, after 15 years working in the plastic injection molding industry, Manfred Toll set out to build his dream. In a 600 square-foot garage located in Burbank, California, with one (used) injection molding machine built in 1962, he was working days, nights and weekends to build MATO Plastics one customer at a time. The respective company name �MATO� is a formation of the first two letters of the founder�s first (MANFRED) and last (TOLL) name.

High quality and old-fashioned customer service have been the key ingredients in the continued growth and success of MATO Plastics. In the following years, more equipment was added to support the growing clientele including the shutter manufacturing industry, along with relocation to a larger facility. In 1992, MATO outgrew its second facility and moved into an 10,000 square-foot manufacturing plant, which is also our location today. MATO Plastics is located in the Santa Clarita Valley in the city of Saugus, California, approximately 20 miles north from its original location in Burbank, California.

Over the next decade, MATO Plastics has undergone dramatic expansion in response to the growing needs of its customers, including 13 state-of-the-art injection molding machines ranging from 22 to 176 tons clamping pressure and the addition of complete in-house tooling design facilities or capabilities. We specialize in precision and custom parts up to 11.5 ounces in weight for diverse industries worldwide. MATO Plastics provides the high-quality products, quick delivery, competitive pricing and responsive customer service not available from the overseas vendors. For over 25 years, MATO plastics has been serving the shutter manufacturer in providing shutter pins and other shutter related plastic components.

In the early 2000, Michael Mueller, a veteran to the plastic injection molding industry, joined the team at MATO Plastics. Michael's uncompromising committment to high quality design and workmanship has proven to be a great asset. In addition, he shares similar values, work ethics and visions that Manfred has had for the company. Michael continues to focus on the efficiency of the operation by utilizing resources to keep costs down while maintaining the highest quality and shortest lead time.

In July 2006, Michael and his wife, Sibelle acquired MATO Plastics and continue to build on the successful foundation established by the founder, Manfred Toll as the basis for future growth.